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Bachelor project.

Mobile application for use on hospitals

Project Description

This bachelor thesis will work through the theory of implementing an indoor positioning
system using Wi-Fi in two different environments of a hospital. Throughout the report,
different positioning approaches are examined, and alternative technologies for positioning
are introduced. Three different fingerprinting-solutions for positioning has been
implemented and tested on Herlev Hospital in collaboration with The Capital Region of
Denmark. Each solution was analyzed for the accuracy and critical areas were determined.
The overall accuracy and precision was improved due to multiple calibrations. A network
analysis was performed to support our findings. Furthermore the Wi-Fi infrastructure was
examined to see if it met the requirements for positioning with Wi-Fi. Taking this into
account, a proposal for improving the Wi-Fi infrastructure is presented. This thesis also
contains a short introduction to commercialized solutions regarding indoors positioning. On
a side note, the perspectives for future work is also taken into account.

Project Details

  • Client Region Hovedstaden
  • Date januar 2, 2014
  • Tags Mobile
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